Comprehensive Monthly Report

Track and measure the success of your marketing campaigns with our comprehensive monthly reports. Gain valuable insights into link clicks and QR code scans, allowing you to understand engagement levels and make data-driven decisions. Our advanced tracking system provides detailed reports, giving you a clear understanding of campaign performance.

QR Code Scans and Link Visits

Elevate your marketing strategy with our advanced QR code scanning and engagement tracking system. Gain valuable insights into the total number of QR code scans and track user engagement levels. Understand how your audience interacts with your campaigns and optimize your marketing efforts based on data-driven metrics. Stay ahead of the competition with comprehensive tracking and maximize the impact of your QR code campaigns.

Scans by location

Unlock the power of location-based QR code tracking with our advanced scanning system. Gain valuable insights into where your QR codes are being scanned, allowing you to understand the geographical reach of your campaigns. Identify target areas, measure effectiveness, and optimize your marketing strategies based on location-specific data. Enhance your marketing efforts with location-based QR code tracking for improved targeting and engagement.

Scans by Operating System and Browser

Uncover valuable insights about your audience’s technology preferences with our scans by operating system and browser tracking feature. Gain a deeper understanding of how users interact with your QR codes based on their specific operating systems and browsers. This information allows you to optimize your campaigns, tailor your content, and ensure seamless compatibility across different platforms. Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging scans by operating system and browser tracking for enhanced user experiences and better campaign outcomes.